About Us

Since 1948 Tropical Bottling Company has been the official licensed bottler and distributor of all Coca Cola products in Aruba. The plant was originally located in Wilhelminastraat in the downtown area of Aruba with a production line capacity of filling ten bottles per minute. By comparison, today our production facility which is now located in Balashi has the capacity to fill six hundred cans per minute.

In addition to Coke, the company developed and produced its own line of heritage beverage brands called Tropical (grape, cherry, orange and pineapple) as well as mixers under the brand Classic 1949 (soda water, tonic and ginger ale) which for more than six decades are still selling well.

Our own bottled water called AWA was introduced in the 1990’ties as was an energy based drink called Malta Balashi.

Today Tropical Bottling’s soft drink and juices product line consists of Coke, Coke no Sugar, Sprite, Soda Water, Tonic, Ginger Ale, Tropical, Malta Balashi and Minute Maid. Our energy drink and hydration products consists of Monster Energy and Powerade. We are also the official distributor of all Bacardi products in Aruba consisting of Bacardi rums, Dewars whiskeys, Grey Goose vodka, Patron Tequila’s and Bombay gin.

Our sister company, Balashi Brewery the only local brewery in Aruba which operates on the same premises within the same plant, produces three high quality beers – Balashi, Chill and Magic Mango

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