Tropical Bottling Co. of Aruba N.V./ Brouwerij Nacional Balashi N.V. is looking for candidates for different positions

Why consider working at Tropical Bottling Company:

  • Most positions work dayshift and have weekends off.
  • Competitive salaries and performance bonuses.
  • One of the best private sector pension plans.
  •  In addition to vision and dental benefits we offer financial assistance with childcare and funeral expenses.
  • You can qualify for monthly free beverages.
  • Discounts from other MetaCorp companies. Training provided on site and through The Coca Cola Company.
  • Working with โ€œAโ€ brands โ€“ Coca Cola, Balashi, and Bacardi.

Industrial Electrical & Electronics Technician 

The Industrial IEE Technician performs technical, industrial, electrical and electro-mechanical equipment operation and maintenance work. 

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Plant Mechanic

Plant Mechanic provides competent and effective maintenance support to plant operations. Identify, troubleshoot, and repair problems in mechanical systems within production equipmentโ€™s and processes.

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Cost and Financial Analyst

As a cost and financial analyst, your work, whether it's modeling business scenarios, tracking performance metrics or providing critical cost data analysis, is used by our managers to make strategic company decisions. 

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Production Line Operator

Responsible for the productivity, quality, and safety of all activities of the bottling process operation. Maintain a clean and hygienic work environment by ensuring a product of high quality and presentation.

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